Dec 23, 2009

X Ray your hard disk ?

Taking my time to reorganize my harddisk but where shall i look into this ?? The best way is to get a TDP X-Ray on it.. I found out this tools from this site ,It is good that i also know chinese language to convert back English and Chinese site.. Oooo...abit out of topic..

Before we download it let's see what is the basic requirement

    • Graphic card with OpenGL with a 64MB memory (or more)

    • The memory utilization depends on the number of examined files (for a 100 GB disk with 100,000 files, you need memory of about 15MB)

    • Approximately 500KB of space on a disk for the application + approximately 1 to 10 MB for cache (depending on the number of files on the disk - 10MB corresponds with approximately 180,000 files). You can choose not to use cache (see "Configuration File")

    • MS Windows 2000 SP4 or Windows XP SP

Yes... my laptop meet the requirement , let's send it to the X-Ray room...For a small laptop like my it take just around 5 minute to finish the scan and i got my x-ray report on what is taking

the size of my harddisk ,It is time to delete or backup those into my external harddisk

Err.. there are another version of TDP XRay Pro around ...and it have more user customise feature around as well...Check it out!!!!

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