Nov 12, 2009

RSS in Outlook 2007 is wrong choice

Before i comment further , i belive every blogger have favor visit site and it difficult if we have more then 10 or 20 site of friend to visit ?? So how ?128px-Feed-icon.svg



Some of you might be wondering what is RSS? Really Simple Syndication (usually referred to as RSS) is a way to get updates to websites sent to you instead of having to go back to the web to see if any changes have been made.

In this way, you can keep up-to-date on news and information from many different sources in one place. but it will not stop you from visiting those site because some of publisher will allow only few paragraph of line to be feeding in , so if you found any interested topic and wanted to go deeper  on it then it usually a double click will link you through from Web Browser


Ok , Of cause we can use Google Reader which we can visit anyplace anytime but recently because of it stability then we have to find program which enable us to view it during free time.

Although using Outlook 2007 have several advantanges around such as a built-in RSS reader, so now you can treat your RSS the way that you treat your mail (using flags, categories, search folders, rules, etc.) without having to use a separate application.

As what microsoft said

Nov 8, 2009

Obama as weather broadcast

Weather broadcast in the Net is very useful .You don't have to check your thermometer anytime you go out in order to decide what clothes to wear. No more 'let's look out of the window to see what people wear today' or go out to the balcony to feel if the clothes you've chosen is ok not to get freezed or hot. All you need is to check what Obama or his friends wear.(Angelina is best suit for lady around...;)

Moreover, can become your major adviser while planning a business trip or a vacation journey. You'll always know for sure what type of clothes you should take with you.

There are special night indicator - just put cursor over it to see whether you'll need all that heap of clothes or a t-shirt with shorts will be just ok...

I try it and it only work in internet explore..when you put your cursor on the cartoon