May 24, 2009

Looking around for mobile phone after 4 year....

After around 4 year of using my baby 6680 , recently it just keep failing me but not responding to imcoming call for sometime even a reset.

As now is not a good time to actually bought some good decent phone such as Apple Iphone so i trying to get around in the web.

As usual i goto for some comparision , it site really have almost full complete mobile phone info around.

I very much like Symbian phone due to Nokia 'connecting people' slogan , it alway make phone which mean easy for people to use.

Initially i looking for 5580 Express Music and some other Nokia phone..

Found out that offer faster view of comparing main feature among S60 phone

Among thos of my favor listed mobile phone are

Nokia 5580 , N85(Snap line from , N95

5580 ExpressMusic


HTC Touch Cruise 09 ,Diamond II

Diamon II


Google Android./HTC Magic.. wonder where can i get it from Malaysia.

So let's goto low yatt to find out the latest pries..

May 17, 2009

'Tis better to have loved and lost

if we don't love , we don't have the meaning of losting will be better to have both so we give and appreciate each other..

May 12, 2009

How much u know about H1N1 virus (Swine Flu) ??

Today when looking for some service delivery information on google , i accidently found out this site , and guess what a elearning company which is helping the socialty out

As what they menton

We at Mindmuze share the worldwide concern over the appearance of the H1N1 Virus (Swine Flu), and we have decided to take action by making use of our highly successful eLearning methods to spread awareness of this very serious issue.

This eLearning module is intended for individuals, government institutions, schools, hospitals, associations and companies worldwide who want to learn more about what's happening and what they can do about it. Because this is so important, we are offering this eClass at no charge whatsoever. We feel this is the best way we can help ensure this virus does not spread further within our global community. The module explains what the virus is, lists typical symptoms and more.

Please goto this location to get instruction on how to access it through wide or download it as local files. Click

See ya and keep Swine Flu away from us.

May 11, 2009

Photograph & Profession & Passion LEEPARKO's way of photograph

Last weekend when we goto Klcc to buy my favor computer magazine(Partly use for tax reduction and free time reading every month).

I spotted this book at the corner of the bookshelf , i flip through a few pages and found out it is very useful for me who alrady have experience

on controling the camera ...Let's me try to explain it in english and hope that it will create wave of demand to force the publisher to translate a english copy

About the author

The three men who love photography, because of same interest togther coincidently create a (LEEPARKO) a photographic team. Although the same

through the camera viewfinder watch the world, but in their photos, show a unique way of atmosphere. In order to be able to continue in the 1 / 8, 000

seconds of the moment, the show "LEEPARKO" unique sensibility, the three men, will continuing forward with their own way of photograph.

Chapter01 What is DSLR? Section01 on SLR The fuselage is Section02DSLR what decision

Chapter02 atmosphere to show how the selection of the lens

Section01 focus on the impact of perspective

Section02 minimum brightness and lens focal length

Section03 name from the lens to see specifications

SPECIAL expensive L lens with full-body questions

Chapter03 decided photos of three elements: exposure, focus, depth of field

Section01 constitute the three elements of exposure

Section02 calculated by the camera exposure

Section03 on focus

Section04 of the deep or shallow depth of field

Chapter04 is a natural light? Or artificial light source?

Section01 encounter with the camera light

Section02 of the direction of light will affect the performance of photo

Section03 simple and convenient flash photography techniques

Section04 photography using studio lighting techniques

Chapter05 photography at the time of Know-how

Section01 camera shake when the skills will not produce

Shooting mode that Section02

Section03 AF and manual focus

Section04 identify different situations in accordance with the appropriate exposure value

Section05 so close to the real被摄体the white balance color temperature

Section06 do not know how to set the exposure value - bracketing

SPECIAL to the concert or performance venue photo filming it!

Chapter06 photo shooting skills figures

Section01 atmosphere with people shooting method

Section02 so everyone is satisfied with the group photo-taking skills

Section03 figures highlight the main character shooting skills

Section04 a dynamic sense of the characters shooting skills

SPECIAL empty wall can make the atmosphere

According to landscape photography Chapter07

Section01 intentions of the landscape according to photographic composition techniques

Section02 a blue sky photography

Section03 rainy day photo-taking skills of the landscape

Section04 of the sea belongs to the self-style landscape according to

Section05 buildings into the composition, shooting urban landscapes according to

Section06 Caixia shooting out of people according to

According to Section07 night shooting

Section08 of the snow will be piled up into the night photography skills

Chapter08 make new special photography works

Section01 backlighting technology photo photography

Section02 take the path of light photography

Section03 can create unique and NoFinder feelings ZoomShot

Section04 of the performance of speed PanShot shooting skills

Section05 photo shooting pyrotechnic skills

Section06 has a mobile flu shot law falls

What harm will occur facula SPECIAL?

Chapter09 LEEPARKO unique photographic skills

Section01 of the flowers make a unique photo

Section02 use color so that food is more delicious

Section03 be installed in the landscape in small droplets

Section04 Do not believe their eyes! NoFinderShot the seat of your pants

Section05 use blank to create a sense of beauty

Section06 filming a series of thematic works

Section07 Self-use of shadow play

SPECIAL fish eyes see the world - fisheye lens shooting skills

I use google translate to translate this from chinese , hopefully you guy manage to understand it..a chinese version can be reach from here

Will have more photo soon at my another photo and car blog check it out more often ok...

See ya

May 5, 2009

LHDN yesterday a and today b...:(

I really confuse on what LHDN (Malaysia Inland Revenue Dept) , at first last year announce that we can opt to paid less on our EPF contribution so that we have extra money on hand to use in a critical time .

But last week , i receive an email from payroll saiding tht LHDN revise new tax category and with this category again we need to paid more on our PCB(Personal Income Deduction).

I don't really know why yesterday they want us to have more money to use and today they even take back more money through different channel ???

Is it the way how malaysia government work ??

With that EPF contribution , i only able to take out Rm120 per mth and with this new LHDN ruling , i need to paid back to them each month RM 90 extra compare with previous category.

We can announce to the world that how many money we going to budget to improve the economic and citizen wellfare but at the back asking money from us as citizen to fund back those budget.

We are being tax on our income and it suppose to use to fund back government on their operation and expensive which aim to improve country wide situation. but now???

Below are the new structure i being refer to.
PCB new structure

Hopefully someone can give me a idea on this...:(

Scholarship program in malaysia

When last time i graduate out from my secondary school , i never think this even i dont have a flying colour result at my O-Level.. but you know what

in malaysia certain scholarship is to help people to advance further their education and certain of them is 'looking' for good quality student so that they are able to return back the scholarship.

let me explain detail bit about scholarship , it is way a organization sponsor potential candidate for further candidate as either a charity or operate as Trust fund.

1 is compulsory refundable or (working with them after graduation) , another one is just like a lucky draw u win and u take it..:)

ps. I will advice people with proper attitude and ethic to return back the money to organization , think about your children when u decide not to.

 MARA Scholarship Programs    

Yayasan Proton Scholarship  

PTPTN Education Loan  

The Star Education Fund  

Astro Scholarship Award  

PETRONAS Education Scholarship Programs  

2007 MNRB Scholarship Fund  

OCBC Bank Scholarship  

Bank Negara Scholarship  

ABM 50th Merdeka Scholarship  

Curtin Sarawak Scholarship  

The University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus High Achievers

HELP University College  

  Achiever Scholarships International (AASI)  

Curtin University of Technology Scholarship  

Charles Darwin University Scholarship

Kolej Disted-Stamford Degree Scholarships

Leeds University Scholarships  

Loughborough University Human Science Scholarships  

MAAC Scholarship - La Trobe University 2006  

NUS / Asean Undergraduate Scholarship  

UCL Pathfinder Scholarships  

University of Sheffield Scholarship  

UTAR Scholarships  

Nanyang Technological University Scholarship  

Tasmanian International Scholarships

University of Malaya Fellowship Scheme  

Universiti Malaysia Sarawak Scholarship  

King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST Discovery

Universiti Malaysia Sabah Scholarship