May 5, 2009

LHDN yesterday a and today b...:(

I really confuse on what LHDN (Malaysia Inland Revenue Dept) , at first last year announce that we can opt to paid less on our EPF contribution so that we have extra money on hand to use in a critical time .

But last week , i receive an email from payroll saiding tht LHDN revise new tax category and with this category again we need to paid more on our PCB(Personal Income Deduction).

I don't really know why yesterday they want us to have more money to use and today they even take back more money through different channel ???

Is it the way how malaysia government work ??

With that EPF contribution , i only able to take out Rm120 per mth and with this new LHDN ruling , i need to paid back to them each month RM 90 extra compare with previous category.

We can announce to the world that how many money we going to budget to improve the economic and citizen wellfare but at the back asking money from us as citizen to fund back those budget.

We are being tax on our income and it suppose to use to fund back government on their operation and expensive which aim to improve country wide situation. but now???

Below are the new structure i being refer to.
PCB new structure

Hopefully someone can give me a idea on this...:(

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