May 5, 2009

Scholarship program in malaysia

When last time i graduate out from my secondary school , i never think this even i dont have a flying colour result at my O-Level.. but you know what

in malaysia certain scholarship is to help people to advance further their education and certain of them is 'looking' for good quality student so that they are able to return back the scholarship.

let me explain detail bit about scholarship , it is way a organization sponsor potential candidate for further candidate as either a charity or operate as Trust fund.

1 is compulsory refundable or (working with them after graduation) , another one is just like a lucky draw u win and u take it..:)

ps. I will advice people with proper attitude and ethic to return back the money to organization , think about your children when u decide not to.

 MARA Scholarship Programs    

Yayasan Proton Scholarship  

PTPTN Education Loan  

The Star Education Fund  

Astro Scholarship Award  

PETRONAS Education Scholarship Programs  

2007 MNRB Scholarship Fund  

OCBC Bank Scholarship  

Bank Negara Scholarship  

ABM 50th Merdeka Scholarship  

Curtin Sarawak Scholarship  

The University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus High Achievers

HELP University College  

  Achiever Scholarships International (AASI)  

Curtin University of Technology Scholarship  

Charles Darwin University Scholarship

Kolej Disted-Stamford Degree Scholarships

Leeds University Scholarships  

Loughborough University Human Science Scholarships  

MAAC Scholarship - La Trobe University 2006  

NUS / Asean Undergraduate Scholarship  

UCL Pathfinder Scholarships  

University of Sheffield Scholarship  

UTAR Scholarships  

Nanyang Technological University Scholarship  

Tasmanian International Scholarships

University of Malaya Fellowship Scheme  

Universiti Malaysia Sarawak Scholarship  

King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST Discovery

Universiti Malaysia Sabah Scholarship


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