May 24, 2009

Looking around for mobile phone after 4 year....

After around 4 year of using my baby 6680 , recently it just keep failing me but not responding to imcoming call for sometime even a reset.

As now is not a good time to actually bought some good decent phone such as Apple Iphone so i trying to get around in the web.

As usual i goto for some comparision , it site really have almost full complete mobile phone info around.

I very much like Symbian phone due to Nokia 'connecting people' slogan , it alway make phone which mean easy for people to use.

Initially i looking for 5580 Express Music and some other Nokia phone..

Found out that offer faster view of comparing main feature among S60 phone

Among thos of my favor listed mobile phone are

Nokia 5580 , N85(Snap line from , N95

5580 ExpressMusic


HTC Touch Cruise 09 ,Diamond II

Diamon II


Google Android./HTC Magic.. wonder where can i get it from Malaysia.

So let's goto low yatt to find out the latest pries..

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