Jun 3, 2009

bad habit of manager - Check whether your manager are one of them ?

I remember that last time when i work in my ex-company before , when ever i wake up on sunday i will immediately think of monday which is a doom days..And sometime even feel womit to goto work on Monday morning.

And i agree that it is due to the management style which they have. there are number of article around on how to deal with them but if it either they can fire or promote . Or we quite our jobs.urfoto551.gif

1.Patrolling and controling our vacation and enforce on the leave policy.

I being wonder whether are those manager so free enough to monitor and enforce all leave taken and planne vacation for their employee. Although they might be able to save company xxx$$ but come to think of wasting their time of 4 hour which is around $xxxx is it worse to do that or other ??

2. Promising Pangaea and delivering Delaware.

A fanny world , it mean ineffective manager oftern promoise customer on everything and at the end the plessure of deploy and handling it will go down to downline ..:( and form them to work overtime for this kind of unpaid work and force them to take responsible to make it success.

3. Fashion Show on their dressing code

Manager often wanted to be different among all employee , when company is enforce casual dress code, manager will dress as business professional

4.Becoming office miniute-taken

Item such as key action item is invent by manager who do nothing during the meeting.They have no idea on what is going on.They present sole to record the meeting item or for attence purpose..:)

The only time they speak out is to let other people know that they "capture" the action item but doing nothing at the end just to sent out the minute to other to show what is discuss but barely result -orientated.

(It also happen in my currrent company as well)

5.Jumping shift

it just like shift the blame to other .Grand ideas that cause massive sweeping changes to projects and departments are surprisingly common within the corporate world. but majority of this good idea result in a total failure later -- but the managers who escape before the storm are applauded for their wonderful ideas and fantastic execution. Three months later, the employees still on the project are left cleaning up their mess and are demoted for their poor work ethic and lack of innovation.

observe and see whether you manager are the one kind listed here..!!!!urfoto258.gif

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