Jun 18, 2009

MOblin.org - A new OS for netbook ,MID

Today when i google around for Intel Atom , i found out that Intel Software Development forum is talking about this Moblin.org

About their project - Moblin is an optmized linux platform that provide a mordern ,engaging user experince for mobile device such as netbook , MID, IVI system.

Although it mention that it is developer for Intel Atom base netbook(now i wonder why Intel forum have alot of testing on this)

It provide a total new experience with intergrate browser in order for us to enjoy work and play at the same time.

Calendar, Task , Application (Social Network ) connectivity .. and it also have Moblin media player for photo and movie

on easy access. As what they said it is a Future OS and i wonder how can it cope with our daily loaded work..:)

Anyone interested ???

Check this out the introduction movie

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