Dec 23, 2008

How long computer is running ? - Parental Control

I think of this question when i start to have my own children and wonder are they also 'surf' net with useful purpose or some other reason...:)

this are some thing which i think about
1) Computer might be a bit hot or warm..
2) computer chair may also feel hot/warm abit due to longer time spent on the computer desk
3) Install parent check software to monitor our children.

Then i found out a old window command which is very long to trace how long exact the pc is opening. Although for professional Wintel person they will have a better skill on doing it. but i just focus on parent which are not computer literal.

1)Click start -> run -> keyin "cmd" -- We will end up at dos prompt.

2) Keyin "systeminfo", it will calculate infor and here is where u going to check

p.s Thank Simon for informing this to me

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