Jun 29, 2008

ITIL - Incident Management

In ITIL v2, they have focus much on incident management . Just to remind all of those outside. ITIL is not a standard it just a collection of best practice.

First we should ask what is incident ?

Incident is an event which is not part of standard/normal operation . For DBA case it might be tablespace getting full ? For Window Admin it might be Disk Drive missing.

As because we are 'paid' to provide services hence as part of our service delivery we are 'monitor' according to Service Level Agreement.(SLA)

As incident management , as long as any 'incident' happen during operation our job is to quickly restore the service within SLA given time.

According to ITIL guidebook , incident management consists of these process

i)Incident detection and recording - Record down the incident for future investigation.

ii)Classification and initial support - Classify the incident to severity or priority.

iii)Investigation and diagnosis - Troubleshoot and diagnose incident

iv)Resolution and recovery - Finding the best solution to recover the problem , we might able to search through past record for solution as well.

v)Incident closure - Identify whether incident is resolve but monitor these issue and communication with customer.

This is just part of my day2day operation duty..:)

Let's adventure more in ITIL
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