Jun 17, 2008

Photo week @ Maju Junction at 15/6/2008

Since it have being long for my 350d keep away from dust , so i bring it out together with my wife for a walk at Maju Junction although i not really like tat place because it did't have much attractive spot as what mid-valley , low-yatt,Pavillion KL.

It have being a washeye session for me , because i nver being to a photo event before. Although not much supplier around but i still able to find my Canon EF mount lense to test.

I tested Canon USM lense and IS lense since their price is around my budget to get a Zoom lense but according to my blogger friend , she advice me to get a travel lense which start from 15-200.
which bintang maju did't demo it out and according to the salesmen , normal day they don't givet = customer to test the lense.

Here are those photo i shoot , please comment for me to improve more.!!!!

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