Jun 1, 2008

Oraganic cleanser

Today while i walk around a Shopping market nearby my house , i saw a cute advertise on one of the small shop at Idaman Plaza.

So i walk in and have a look and guess what i found on that shop , it is something which i saw it while i go honeymoon with my wife at taiwan last year.

It is a Mung Bean Cleanser , i give it a try to wrap at my hand after 5 minute wash and clean i can immediately see out the different with a black hand and a fair little hand. When i talk with the owner of the shop and realize that she also got the idea from Taiwan.

What more is , i check on the price of the product it just < rm 10 for a little package but due to all those hot weather i buy a big package so that i dont need to go out again for shopping. (A good price is given to me because i also know it from taiwan . i believe now i can use it for months for my day to day face + body cleanser .

When i go back and open out the box, i found a very convenience plastic bottle inside.According to the shop owner that this product must not mix out with the water if we are not using it. Come to think of that it is true also because it so organic enough no preservative is there . Here are some picture i snap to share out. There are also Chinese and English instruction on the side of the box as well.

Another funny thing is ,they also have a email for distributor contact
and it is areyourorganic @ gmail dot com (to avoid bot spammer)

Anyone interest can try and check it out.I also hear that they are looking for distributor but i suggest them to goto ebay for oversea market.
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