Jun 22, 2008

Camera Dry Cabinet ? - AIPO

When Ryan ask me whether i want to buy a dry cabinet to store in my 350d , i though him that i snap picture very frequent and my camera is actually store at my cloth cabinet with a few wet sucking hippo..:)-->Humidity

When i went to Maju junction for photo exhibition then i start realize that is actually a cabinet with tempted class and plastic seal .

So i call up Ryan and ask him and he told me that he is selling Aipo brand

I try to search around google and find some information abt the product and it really not bad to have it . I believe people who stay near the sea will benefit alot because of all the maintenance fee they need to paid for the lense and body service due to heAVY Humidity.

Here are some of the offsite link for you to check it out.
http://www.yamiya.com.my/store/manufacturers.php?manufacturerid=62 there is the price list being show on the net (In Malaysia ringgit).

Got to wait for my budget due to the fact this 2 month , i am in negative balance sheet..:(
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