Jun 9, 2008

UEFA Euro 2008

I just found out that Euro 2008 is a four year tournament and will be taking place in Austria and Switzerland which started on 7 Jun 2008 and finish at 29 Jun 2008 . According to google information the next place should be at 2012 in Poland and Ukraine. it look like the venue is going to north direction..:)

I not a hardcore football fan even i am fan of World Cup but this event is the first time i know abt that maybe because i got a brother in law which is a football friend this year.

There will be 16 teams participate in the tournament. And it look like Amazon already got all T-shift.

Anyone interested , better click and buy one before the event start hot-cooking..:)
Below is 6 of the country which i believe it will go in final , how about you guy ?

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