Jun 18, 2008

FireFox 3 WorldRecord

I have being using Firefox since V2 till now i am running 2 firefox at my pc , V2 nd V3 beta 4.

Among all other browser Ie6,Ie4,Ie5,Ie7 , Opera , Netvigator,Firefox . My choice still Firefox because of its speed in page loading and capable to install alot of plugin for more productivity too.

Although the official release is on 17 Jun 2008 but till now i still can't find it official download link except for the release candidate .

while waiting for the release , i look around for it new feature and it look not bad for anti-IE gang..:)

Time is too late for me to stay out , for anyone who wish to support firefox to archieve a wildly WorldRecord , please goto this location http://www.spreadfirefox.com/en-US/worldrecord/ or you can click on the icon on my right sidebar above Euro 2008....hahahah

Download Day

The little fox is waiting for jump out soon ..
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