Jul 1, 2008

Stremyx slowness is back again July 08

Don't know whether because of fuel price increase , more and more people is surfing net at home or watching online movie.

I call out to tm helpdesk and they even rest 'port' but still can't get back the speed and it is very obvious after 2pm till now which is around 10pm. Each night i almost fall asleep when i try to post my blog. I even test ping at yahoo,google,blogspot ,amazon all of them have requet time out .

I trying to search around low-yat net for more information and found out there are alot of people with disappointment on service offer by telekom.Here is the thread for lowyatt.net

Even i notice that when i sign the package but i don't have much of choice available. Because it monopoly the whole malaysia line connect to house or what they call it "last mile".

Last time when we encounter slowness happen , we try to get other proxy /dns server to work on but this time nothing much we can do. I a bit suspect that WIreless@KL have something to do abt this.

Malaysia just not mature enough to give Free WIFI for whole city because of it infra and inter-link connection is not even 'broad' enough and further it is monopoly by a giant which 'eat alot' , 'talk more then do' , 'poor manage'.

Although our nation election just finish with big 'changes' but for Broadband i doubt anything will change for coming 2 year ahead. So far i tested Umobile , Maxis3g is 'sxck' at my area the final
hope is WiMax. Let's bless for malaysia surfer future on them .

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