Jul 30, 2008

Squarespace & Oracle Coherence

Today receive notifiction about LewisC blog abt Oracle Servers Up blog site Squarespace.

I'm being with oracle product around more then 6 year. Being eager to try any of their product during my free time.

Although currently i'm blogging at blogspot and wordpress but i will like to try out how is thiss SquareSpace work as well.

Lewis and I also have the same though when we saw that news Oracle , because we both also think that maybe a RAC will run on it . But with a luxury brand such as Oracle i also wonder how SquareSpace going to get any profit because that S/w is even expensive than the H/w.

So later Lewis found out that they are using Oracle Coherence -What is that ?

Coherence provides replicated and distributed
(partitioned) data management and caching services on top of a
reliable, highly scalable peer-to-peer clustering protocol.
has no single points of failure; it automatically and transparently
fails over and redistributes its clustered data management services
when a server becomes inoperative or is disconnected from the network.
When a new server is added, or when a failed server is restarted, it
automatically joins the cluster and Coherence fails back services to
it, transparently redistributing the cluster load. Coherence includes
network-level fault tolerance features and transparent soft re-start
capability to enable servers to self-heal.

Let's me to test it out and give a field report by this weekend...ooo...PC Fair is coming..:)

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