Aug 5, 2008

A family tree for all of us.- Newnai, Kindo & Geni

Recently when i google around for online movie on and found a very cute advertise(I did click people advertise) and found out a cute family tree make in China. It is call
In translation it is about family,care and love . What is it about ? It is a family tree system which build around our family in social network. Every user can build their own family and share it with their family/relative and from there the tree will expand and build themself.

This is how cute there are

I manage also to look around for some english site because i'm a chinese Readonly...ahahha can't really type chinese letter in computer.

I found another site call genealogy- Free Family Tree - What main different compare with Newnai is - It allow private family tree so that only people which we give them access will allow to edit/add into our tree. Which i don't think it match what i wanted too.

ANother site call Kindo which support more then 10 language worldwide.Although don't have malaysia language...ahhahaha..:)

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