Jul 17, 2008

Let's rescue our world!!!

Recently being tie up on world and my personal blog at jessiray.cc.co , no time to update blogspot.

Finally time is come , although i still left out 1 report not yet present to my manager but it should't stop me from saving our world.

How to save our world ?

With all my petrol , aircond , Bt-download already alot of waste in nature energy. So let's start to save some carbon.

I got the idea from one of my favor site at mobile01.com*Chinese** , although alot of people will think if stay in landed property will have more space to plan some tree/flower. But according to the author ,he spent time to decor his balcony and squezz out a small place for planting.

Every start be part of earth saving ,later in 10 year our little flower/plant will become a 6-7 inch tall.

Although i already got my 2 cactus sitting ourside of my balcony but i think it just not enough to save world. Let's plan more....as picture below .

Cute and nice
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