Jul 7, 2008

My own blog - jessiray.homedns.org is going to decomm

What is inside jessiray.homedns.org , it is about HTPC, new gadget , Car, Photographer, Pc Modding , Talk abt my experience on setting up a blog using PHP/MYSQL/APACHE.

After running my own blog for about 2 month , i decide it is time to stop my own hosting.

1) Environment friendly . Because i'm running a resource hungry old cpu +mbox which is not power efficient enough and i'm running it 24x7 for 2 mth which bring some warm air at my room as well.

2) Economic not friendly - Due to oil crisic ,everything price sky high but salary is not. In order to further reduce cost incurr , i have to decide to move it to other web hosting site.

I plan to take 2 week to totally decommisson my own blog and move all it content it to a free host website which surprising run faster then what i expected.

Here is the new Url http://jessiray.co.cc , why jessiray again ? hahaha..because it will be me and my wife blog in future which i will going to sub-domain it later on.

But not to worry , mghong.blogspot.com will be still here around to share other news ..:)

As of what will be the old pc will going to be ? it will be my testing ground for HTPC and p2p..hahahah..:)

See ya
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