Sep 20, 2008 measure your bandwidth

Test your bandwith and internet speed with

Another web base speedometer site which totally running on the net and provide a graphic interface for us to link back .

As standard , before starting the speed test we disable all download manager , e mule, p2p stuff.
we need adobe flash to install i believe mostly 98% of people who using browser to surf net already got it.

They even list out what might be the possible cause of internet slowness happen. and even a test on no of connection which seen to be useful for some of us.

Why is my internet connection so slowly?
There is a large number of factors which can influence (in a negative way) your internet speed. Most important are following:
  1. Performance of your computer (e.g. slow harddrive, low memory)
  2. Performance of your dsl modem (e.g. old firmware)
  3. How well your operation system is optimized
  4. Low signal strength when using wireless connection
  5. Other data connections at the same time when performing our test (VoIP calls, IPTV)
  6. Physical quality of your internet line (e.g. old cables)
  7. Temporary connectivity problems at your internet provider
  8. Temporary overload of our server-cluster. Thanks to our partner Akamai and Rapidshare we can almost completely ignore this factor. Our testfiles are distributed on over 60.000 servers worldwide with a direct connection to almost every access provider in the world. The system identifies automatically your provider and delivers the test-files from the nearest server with the lowest load.
Last resolution is alway change your internet plan with a better ISP ...:)

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