Sep 7, 2008

My Taiping food experience

While browsing for our window tint supplier , we drop by Puchong to have a lunch as well , as you know pregnant mother easily get hungry anytime.

So we decide to try 'Taiping Lan' restaurant at that area and it is also recommended by Ah Xian too.

"Chai Poh" egg one of my favor but abit oily , Rate 2/5

Recommended 'Chicken ' dishes - Rate 3/5

Normal 'Kai Lan' but abit oily,not suitable for us to taste...Rate 2/5

After the food , both of us getting stomach wind , maybe because of the 'Chai Poh' egg.

Anyway else who like taiping food can go ahead , maybe i total KL boy hence those food is not really up to my taste..:)

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