Aug 13, 2006

Our best friends

11/8/2006 is really a day to remember , because me and my gal gal got a date with Desmond one of our best friend which we knew in our x-company(Infopro).

After work we rushing to Sg.Wang to do some survey on diamond and other wedding preparation.

We looking around in the shopping mall for ring , cloths , ideaa ..Doremon..:) and mobile phone .

After our 2 hour rough shopping desmond call out that he able to join us for a short dinner and we decide to go Starhill to try out a new vanues of dinner area.

That shopping center is really like luxury hotel because even we finish our 'restroom' tension there is someone who will hand us a tower and pull in some water in the ancents sink for us to wash our hands got no choice but to give him a small tips (is really a big tips for me because i nver give tips in notes).

after that we start our hunting for food and we end up going to Western Steak house , at first we though the food will be very lousy by looking at the shop and after a few tast and we all agree that their steak and Lamb cop is up to the standard and even better then 'Kapal' house..:)

It really a full for both of us(me and desmond)and some more i even need to finish 2 bottle of Skol bir at least it is cheaper then if we order separate wine and bir..:)

We have a good time to discuss on our work experience and share our idea and comment on recent bomb plot in Uk since he and my gal gal will fly over to US later on and it really give pressure to them now..:(

Do hope the tension will be release soon. and we continour our dinner to a mamak stall near by sg.$$$$.. and after that we go back home sweeet dreams
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