Jan 6, 2008

Citibank ATM fail

In 8th Dec 07 my wife have make a cash payment to Citibank Cash deposit machine after she put in the money into the machine , the Cash deposit machine straight away stop functioning.

So She call up citiphone and ask them to check whether payment go through of not. and the operator confirm with her that payment is in.

Till recently when she wanted to make the payment and try to call up citiphone operator to get outstanding amount then the operator inform her that the payment is long overdue for Nov 07. Which mean citibank did't receive any money at 8th Dec 07. She realise something went wrong and again call up the operator and this time a operator comment that the payment make on 8th Dec already bank in and he will waive up the due charge for Nov 07. Again operator highlight that money will be bank in on this month payment. So my wife did't log a complaint as they confirm the payment will go in at Jan 07.

After 2 day later , someone from citibank call up my wife and inform her that she got overdue and offer her an Loan on Phone program . Then my wife realise again something goes wrong with her Nov payment. Quickly call up citiphone and ask them to check again. But the luck is not with her. 2 operator she call up non of them confirm the Nov 07 payment is in.

So both of us together goto the incident branch and log a report . According to the Custome service rep. they need to open the machine and investigate the roll. (Maybe transaction history). and ask us to wait for 2 more day for citibank to call back us.

As both of us work in bank environment before. Money is really important as long as credit & debit is not tally . Bank are not able to close for the days.

For our case, that cash deposit machine receive additional RM1k but if it did't kredit the 1k payment to any of the deposit account then Citibank should alert on this on 8 Nov. But how come no action being done ???

What i can see from here is
1) This bank don't have a good system to handle journal/transaction tally ?
2) Is there an insider job to take the money and bank into their own account!!!!!
3) They so call voice machinse recorder did't effectively record what their staff actually conversation with their customer ???? BlackBox ???
4)Operator is not fully train , Answer is not consistent ? Sometime yes and sometime No.
5) A world bank but a lower class detection system ? I know bank have alot of money but they can't just simply take people money from an unknow account ?

If not mistaken , last time my mum also have this cases, once she report to the bank they immediately close the ATM and start investigation.This kind of service come from a malaysia local bank.

If there still no response from them , our next step is to log a complaint report to Bank Negara(Malaysia Central Bank) to interfere this cases.

Wish us good luck
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