Jan 31, 2008

Water Rafting at Kuala Kubu @Selangor

Since so long nver being to anyplace for outting, and lucky Bro Eric from Onsemi got plan to go for water rafting.

Because it is event organise by his friend and we also last minute get call from him so we quicky invite our gang of friend to join . Tony Chai is the one them sporty men.

I think alot of people being to KK white water rafting before , and there is another one with level 4 rafting which me n jess haven't try yet . because on that time we don't have enough time to travel and some more it is weekend period where not many people is going except us. (Actually we went them to take Wedding Malaysia photos).

Below is the map to te destination, according to history last time tis town is flood again DAM water before and whole town is gone. But later development come and rebuild the DAM n the township.

Eric gang of friend...one of them even drive an X40 guess what car is it ..

me and my wife

All the survivor...:)

Brother tony enjoying cool water..watch out for crocrodile..:)
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