Jan 4, 2008

Honda Civic -Spoon

When searching on the net for Civic , stop by a link where it comment abt Civic 07 model in Japan.

info paste from the link above
"There currently is no Civic Type R in an FD/FA/FG chassis in the Land of the Rising Sun, not even an announcement or concept release from Honda to tease the imagination. And making matters worse, the Japanese have been saddled with only four-door sedans. That's right; there's not even a Civic coupe available to buy. Talk about payback for every year of having it good."

Just don't know wat Japan think abt themself, they don't even have a good Civic type R , but i wonder there is alot of S2000 , DC5,DC2.

Spoon famour in yellow colour + blue..which we can see from the brake rotor+ enginee cover.

Personally i like the bodyskits and it pretty much normal and not really fierce as what Mugen CTR

Picture taken from Paultan, Honda Tunning Magz sites..

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