Feb 25, 2009

Window 7 beta activation key

 Today when i try out to reinstall my window 7 beta i found out that activation key is missing hence i go back to microsoft and found out that they already stop beta testing from version.

 Anyhow i manage to find out the activation key for beta 7 . Fyi the beta will stop function on 1/8/2009
  1. from the x64 link: (64bit)
  2. jydv8-h8vxg-74rpt-6bjpb-x42v4
  3. rfftv-j6k7w-mhbqj-xymmj-q8dch
  4. 482xp-6j9wr-4jxt3-vbpp6-fqf4m
  5. d9rhv-jg8xc-c77h2-3yf6d-ryrj9
  6. 7xrcq-rpy28-yy9p8-r6hd8-84gh3
  8. from the x86 link: (32bit)
  9. 6jkv2-qpb8h-rq893-fw7tm-pbj73
  10. 4hjrk-x6q28-hwrfy-wdyhj-k8hdh
  11. gg4mq-mgk72-hvxfw-khcrf-kw6ky
  12. qxv7b-k78w2-qgpr6-9fwh9-kgmm7
  13. tq32r-wfbdm-gfhd2-qgvmh-3p9gc
I will save the key on my blog in case i need to reinstall again for other testing.

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