Feb 14, 2009

Which ITIL framework to start first ?

Although alot of according might think of starting to buy off the shelve ITIL solution and implement in from top to bottom, Personally i would suggest to go from according to priority

1) Incident Management
2) Service Level Management
3) Configuration Management
4) Availability Management
5) Change Management
and so on.

Obviously that top 2 is the one which we can see impact immediately either from our customer , end user and business executive.

But if we are able to handle incident management , immediately pay back will be gain if it is implement throughly. Because customer is able to see progress , result after the implementation compare with previous IT structure where effect is not being able to show at least half and 1 year.

What make a IT department / IT company success ? Customer complaint ? Nope it is complement from customer and confidence given to customer as well. With that we are able to build a royal & longer relationship with customer.

In a critical situation happen recently in US(2008) Bank corrupted/merge , Car Maker going to shutdown from 4 to x... It Getting a new business or maintainly existing customer is really tough , Hence as a Service Delivery Center if we are able to build a good relationship with customer , i believe that confidence & reliable can really win back when contract signed instead of 'repackage' another cheaper solution to customer . We are able to help customer to maintain their system in more uptime.

It just my though of ITIL , a proper incident managment will make sense on this.

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