Mar 21, 2009

Today new panic for everyone


Although some of those recruitor might mention that last few year it is a employee year , Employee can do what evern they like

Either to be non-productive , dont want to listen , do what you want with me..

It depend on what kind of organization . In Malaysia.

If we work with government , there would't be any 'You are fire' , the only thing they will do is to move you around other department and dispense you out from their view...Some time even you are not working for 1 year there is't anyone notices it at all.

In private firm , everyone is watching each other back..Sorry not those team work attitude , everyone is trying to kick other out from it and make sure that Boss can only see them perform and other to be 'non-performer' . You can see them so quiet sitting there for years but when ever AGM / Departmental meeting., they will suddently become the constributor and supportor..

I will said it s type of working life in other side of work..But me or Us...we just need to go back and work either smart or hard work to earn our living...


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