Apr 6, 2009

Oracle technology help saving money but anyone really use it ?

Why i put tag as economic , although alot of fortune 100 company have heavy invest their money technology which help aim their business to outgain competition.

Usually they use less then 10% of the product feature and functions .Such as one of my old customer where they upgrade to Oracle 10g , they still nver tap on any new feature such as 10g Grid , RAC, Data Guard or even Cost base optimisation.

We only happen to implement it when the upgrade going unstable and we reliase Oracle execute plan going wild . Then only we(Vendor) start to think of doing cost base optimisation on our product.watchtreedog (3).gif

It really fanny that even software vendor certify on Oracle product but we never tap into new feature till we hitting the problem.

As what stated in Oracle 16 Ways to Cut Costs & Save , I do hope those company outside will seriously think about cost saving by leverage existing asset..:)

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