Jan 13, 2010

Conserve Energy via Microsoft ?????

It really surprise for me to see that Microsoft a company which develop software is also invent into this sector.
Microsoft is lunching a service call MS Hohm  but too bad is it only available through US only.

Some more with  US President proposes $10 billion in tax credits for improving home energy efficiency. Start planning now.

How it work ?
once you have keyin your postal code and Prefer email address.
Hohm w’ll ask you to answer a short set of questions about your home and your energy use. From just a few key facts- such as the zip code where you live, the size of your home, and the year it was built-  A customize Hohm energy report for you. As you can see below, the Hohm Center provides you with an overview of your annual energy usage and how your home energy costs match up to other homes in your area. In addition, from the Hohm Center you can enter your actual electricity usage- either by connecting automatically to your energy provider (currently available to the more than four million customers served by Xcel Energy, Seattle City Light and the Sacramento Municipal Utility District) or by manually entering in your usage.

As we all know Microsoft have nothing yet to do with Home Appliance so it rely on our data
 The more detail we input about our home and energy usage into our home Profile ], the more personalized we can make your recommendations. From here, you can create “to do” lists and easily track your progress on saving energy and money

Again Home is free, People who stay in US do try it out
Microsoft Hohm

Everyone make a different to our Earth and start saving for it, i wonder when Malaysia will have one also.
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