Jan 24, 2010

helper for busy parent

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Come to think of that when in economic crisis and increase life expensive in malaysia causing parent to both come out to work .

So who will going to clean our house ? Get a permanent maid which now will cost more then 8k for deposit and further if malaysia & Indonesia have settle their disrupt on importing Indonesia maid to malaysia , i suspect their salary will not like previous which is base on RM500.

If order to cut this cost and live with a duct+odor house ?? how ?

We need a robot which it will not complaint on Overtime/ extra work / MC / Fonema(Fomema Sdn Bhd was established in 1997 to manage and operate a mandatory foreign worker health screening system in Peninsular Malaysia.)

Currently in Malaysia market there are 2 brand heatup on in malaysia. Picabot(Still not sure but malaysia is hot cake) and IRobot(US)

How they work ?

It ‘work through a pre-define patterns through programmed .

Recharger ? Yes both of them once battery slow will go back the base docker station for recharge.

Clean object- both claim to clean microorganism like germs and dust mites on the floor.

Technique use – Vacuum and sweep

Area cover –Picabot cover general on 100 sq ft , IRobot depend on virtual wall /lighthouse which cover it distance.

Scheduling feature – Something like a “wake-up” call to start working .

Picabot1robotPic  - detail or future promotion can refer to Picabot-blogspot , price from OUB offer is around rm1.4k but actual price in market is rm1.7k





IRobot  - So far i did’t enquiry anything from local IRobot but will make my time to visit their showroom in Kelana Jaya soon






Comparison chart of robot in market

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