Jan 6, 2010

Standard or Framework whoes work ?

I start to learn standard when i work in a local SoftwareHouse which compliance in ISO kind of standard . but when i switch and start working in HP which strongly focus on ITSM/ITIL derive a framework.

I realize that the difference a standard and a framework. You must comply with every element of a standard to be certified by an accredited audit. Whereas a framework is similar to a strong suggestion about how you might want to accomplish something; with an explicit encouragement to adopt the guiding principles then adapt them to the needs and requirements of your specific organization. Furthermore a standard is binary: one or zero, pass or fail. You either comply with everything or you don't. End of story. A framework such as ITIL seeks to help you create a better IT organization next month than you had this month. There is no compliance to set standards, no pre-defined checklists and no IT bible. - -> George Spalding is co-author of ITIL v3's Continual Service Improvement core volume,

I hear alot of my college around talking about checklist , standards for ITIL , actually they is't any at all but a framework itself. but the core thing still come from Deming Circle

Although in reality ,it mean that we sure got job to do even we have solve an issue but there alway alot of pending issue hiding beside tree/stone ...for us to find and tackel them

As what written in ITIL v3 . Continual Service Improvement (CSI)

And this kind of relaton mean that CSI evolve in each lifecycle

That is why in ITIL there is't any standard checklist/ process around because it is a ongoing improvement over time to derive a bette rresult for IT organization.

Check out this link for more detail info. .

P.s above posting is just my view in ITIL.

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