Jul 4, 2011

Seagate GoFlex vs Toshiba Canvio


This was the first time I’m doing a benchmark to compare both of my external 2.5 portal hard drive.

Both GoFlex and Canvio did support USB 2 & USB 3.0 as well ,although GoFlex have a flexible on convert to e-Sata but Canvio also have it feature of shock resistant which both selling at lowyatt at Rm 199 .

I attach now print screen by running CrystalDiskMark 64bit(I’m running a 64bit Wind0w 7) and also download and setup USB 3.0 driver for my new workstation.

Seagate is on left and Toshiba is on right , with USB 2.0 itself  Toshiba is able to outrun Seagate with few MB/s.and per other category also outrun seagate

seagate usb2toshibausb2

Now it is time for USB3.0 , it clearly show that with USB 3.0 the speed is up to 200% increase of the speek from Seq to 5.12k transfer category but as of 4k and 4kQD32 it only show a little improve over USB3.0 .


SEAGATE USB3toshibausb3

Let me check out further on how to improve it over USB 3.0 but overall I’m impress with Toshiba and oversea forum review was correct it was worth the money to gain a distance.

See ya

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