Jul 2, 2007

Sport car, GT car

Nissave Skyline[G35]

2 Great Nissan car in bolehland(Malaysia apa pun boleh) , but it only good for those 'AP' people who dare to dream .
The first one is call skyline which is a bit different with Skyline GT..it is born in the year 2001 at Japan . In US people call it 'Infinit G35' and thre are alot in the 'pure' bolehland in US...everyone can own one..

Saw another damn sport car ..i google around the net , it is call Silvia S15. this one is face-lift model. Too bad it is discontinous after
---- paste from Wikipedia.
[Production of the Silvia ended in August of 2002 amidst Nissan's efforts to reduce its myriad of platforms. Nissan's sole sports car platform in the world is now the FM Platform, which underpins the current Fairlady Z and Skyline; marketed in the United States as the 350Z and Infiniti G35 respectively.]
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