Jan 17, 2009

IT still the best way for reduce cost example Rothman roundabout

While going to fetch my wife at SS2 , i saw on VMS board mention that Damansara road is in slow moving , hence i
divert out from my usual Sprint highway and opt for SS17 University road, and my nightmare start from there from 6:30pm till 7:45pm i jam from Jalan University .

According the map on the left , you can see that there are 4 traffic direction coming to just across the round-about and goto their own direction.

This time i switch off my favourite My.FM to think how to really overcome the problem w/o Government spending all those Millions of ringgit end up to build a white elephant road.

Don't ask me why i said that.. let's goto the topic.

In a econimic crisis , Each country around the world is funding out Billions of dollar to stimulate their economic.

But think deeper. Why sent money for the sake of getting more short term jobs for unemployed worker by initial some white elephant project , buidling a non-values business area on other state.

Why not we utilise today technology to help us to simulate/automate those 'hot- cake' task.

I believe whoever stay in SS2 Petaling Jaya know about this road and if there is choice they will not wanted to go pass it..Trust me i will not go there again during weekday especially after office hour or even lunch time.

Why ? Traffic is coming from different direction and people rude attitude /Kiasu type could really make a deadlock out from this.

Sometime even if we got a traffic polis com , it did't even solve the issue .

They are people suggest to build 1 way road , short bridge to cross over via other direction . ALl this is really a bullshit w/o any figure to support and simulate.

Why Government not buying those simulation software such as Rockwell Automation , i believe that license itself will not cause even a few thousand for goverment purpose and we just need to get Uni student to gather survey/statistics around for 1 mth which will cause less then 5k assuming partime - 50 per day and 4 student = 4*50=200 * 30 = 6000 RM ???

And train them back to use the software for traffic simulation , Build a Proof of concept to show to Parlimen ..And that is..Either approve or reject ..

Although it sound simple but in econimic like this , every peanut spent is from our tax-payer..so call blood money.

IT is use to save money into better use (not pocket in) such as automation , reduce human error (Old day EDP concept) . And build up knowledge , intelligent on technology , package it to sell outside(opportunity).

So IT still the best way to look for cost reduction but not reduce employee.!!!!
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