Jan 4, 2009

How to spent wise in 2009 !!

1) Office
-Don't bring back work from office , since there is't any increment or appreciation in a bad economic
-Work 9/5 sharp because if you come back late , it will be more jam then more fuel is gone .
-Work OT only if there is allowance available

2) Travel
-Alway travel more then 2 people in car example Car pool, take public transport if possible . So that we can cut parking expense , low mileage , Toll charge especially in malaysia where everyone must paid for once they gone out from their house.(except rural area where Toll is not popular)
-Alway travel below 3000 rpm assuming you are driving a 1500cc car , anything more then that will cost more fuel.
-Make sure air-pressure is enough for our tyre , to prolong our tyre as well.
-Promptly service our car so that lesser problem will face and alway go for a reputable service center & quality sparepart.

3) Personal career
-Don't spent out lunch time in fullness , utilize it to surf around net to learn something new by ourself.Because now i believe there are more company cutting /frosting training expense.
-Print out any document require so that we can read it during taking public transport or even trap in heavy traffic(Don't do that if i will u...:)

4) Increase Income
-Part time which are not job related, usually company policy will only bann stuff from doing similar work.
-Online sales .

5) Reduce expense
-Buy in bulk during sales period , and i found it true that especially in malaysia mega sales i manage to buy supplement  cheaper & with extra free bottol too. Check out Guardian or Watson.
- Don't work from home if company don't provide facilities as such , it might double the cost for ourself and company also did't save much due to central control electricity & ac.
- Check out on forum on where to buy cheaper with same quality , i manage to save rm4 for milk powder and in 1 year i will save around rm16(4*4week)*12 month = rm 192 just for milk powder.
- If really want to eat-out , check out forum for promotion and sales for restaurant. Sometime bloger also will post out their review on food.
- if possible , can alway look for 2nd hand product with good quality .Check out internet forum for reliable seller

6)Reduce our tax
-by spending more for our own career & family such
as buy new PC + Zero instalment plan
- Paying for Parent & our
family member health-check every year.
- Buy book or going for further study to improve ourself.
- Only buy enough insurance for life , medication ,investment . Because our tax formula put in Retire Fund + insurance and sometime our Retire-Fund deduction is even 'par' on the limit.
- Paid once for Financial Planner to plan our our financial expense + income.

Remember if we think we can do it we can. :)

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