Nov 13, 2012

Compact SUV in Malaysia market- CRV ,CX-5 ,XV …..

After our second baby join our family , it become difficult now when we wanted to travel with family , time of moving car seat , trolley in and out from our car became very frequent .
at the same time , I also feel that it is time maybe to change my Wira , after 8 yr free of car installement .
I’m looking for a stylish SUV at least it don’t show that I’m still Uncle Raymond.
Mazda CX5
Price around 159RMk (Fully import Japan), Bose S , 2000cc
Transmission -6-Speed Automatic
Power 155HP/2000NM (114kw/6000rpm)
Torque 200/4000 (Nm/rpm)
Fuel consumption = 6 Liter /100KM
Safety 6 airbag

My personal experience – I haven’t test drive this because all of the dealer don’t really registered their car (according to them there was not enough stock left due to higher demand 6 month waiting period)
Safety, interior and exterior was very good but last yr Jun it might be a CKD model and we can expect accessory will reduce (common practice among Malaysia car manufacture although car build up price was reduce)

Subaru XV
(CKD) Made in Malaysia
Price around 143k(during soft launch) , 1995cc
Transmission (Lineartronic CVT)
Power -150ps/6200(rpm)
Torque - 196/4200 (Nm/rpm)
Fuel consumption = 7 Liter /100KM
Safety 3 airbag
My personal experience – car was stable and solid when drive in rough road especially malaysia road ..Smile , engine was responsive and able to pick up very fast as when we flow the acceleration pedal.
Only thing was – the resales values (I wonder why I want to sell it off ) , lack of service center around malaysia and Kuala Lumpur  . Maintenance pair was almost par with BMW …

Kia Sportage
(CKD) Made in Malaysia
Price around 139k , 2000cc
Transmission (6-speed automatic)
Power – 166ps/6200(rpm)
Torque –197/4600(Nm/rpm)
My personal experience – Korea car but build quality was even better then some of the japan brand , so far I haven’t tested this car yet will update once I finish the test drive.
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