Jan 21, 2012

Bye delivery , it was time for me to move to front seat to grab better picture on the whole services


This was my 1st post for year 2012 , i tender and leaving HP last year to pursuit something different which yr doing for 5 year plus.

Still remember when i start my 1st job in IT line , i was working in a division size and it grown up to a department within the same company for 5 year , and i straight jump to SI sector for 6 yr in financial sector.

From 1995 till 2011 , i learn alot of stuff and engage alot kind of people from Malaysians , European , US , Korea, China , Singapore , African .  From White , Yellow , Black Skin..:)

HP was a total different area of work which talk about service and delivery . Service is like when customer wanted HP to grab part of their business process such as BPO/ITO/DC/Network/Payroll and so on… it involve not only IT actually.

My new jobs was position as solution analyst , no more team lead/SPOC/ Programming /On call / Midnight call …  it was about design and document a solution which can be deploy and sales to our customer and the area was about Manage Services. Interest !!!! .

I will blog more about this area in future , do watch up my blog.

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