Jan 13, 2013

New Iphone 5 case and better protection–Bond / SGP Slim Armor <> James Bones..

As a lesson learn from owning a new iphone especially very expensive iphone…%^$*)Star  , sometime it really a heartattach if we don’t protected it through various of accidents,

so after I get my iphone (2 hour long queue at klcc center) I straight away go up and get a Bone casing (Yes I research through the net , in fact I already order my SGP slim armor but it was due for deliver from US).




Look solid ???

Another case which I currently using is from  Bubble Bone(dog bone) , it come in package with a free screen protector , a replacement home button(really scare it drop and eat by my baby girl).

This product was made in Taiwan and with silicon ( made of environment-friendly silicone material , recyclable , non-polluting and earth friendly too).

Dirt Resistant (Washable by normal water) see below

All ankle was well protected with buffer space to allow shock to be absorb into it.

Overall cost (Machine store- RM 69)..



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