May 5, 2008

Where to find earthquakes information ?

Just now while i checking on my blog for visitor i found out there is someone coming from another side of world 'Brazil' to be exact.

So i goo around on Sao Paulo blog and found out this blog Daily Lifein Rio and Expat in Brazil , after leaving them a comment , I browse around and find out that this country recently shock
an earthquake hit off the coast of São Paulo State. 5.2 on the Richter scale .

And the author of ExpatBrazil show a link abt Earthquake Hazards , to me again our mother nature is getting sick because of all those 'flu' ---{Pollution, Cutting of tree, abuse of nature resource].

To my surprise ,all those earthquakes according to the link is happen around coast area. Again indonesia fear of Tsunami (2006 yr). If you check out this link . You can see that more then 20 earth 'dancing' happen around the world.

UCGS Earthquake Center

Everyone of us is the son of our god, and God make earth a place for us to stay . Please don't shock it and destory that only place we or even our grandchildren place of staying.

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