May 25, 2008

Cord blood

I believe everyone will ask what is a Cord Blood ? Initially before i being approach by those salesgirl, i will told it is the cord which join from baby and mother and it will be the one will store into a cell bank.

But after discuss with them , i reliaze I'm wrong on this and slowly i found out abt this cord blood in more details. According to last time when Dato’ Dr Chua Soi Lek who has rightly spoken up against the current Cord Blood Banking Hype. In Malaysia, the only active Cord Blood Banks are the private ones which provide the service to cryopreserve (freeze) your newborn’s Cord Blood stem cells for purported “insurance against future illnesses”.

In Malaysia previous ,cancer patients and other blood disorders like thalassemia will need a Bone marrow transplants and usually offered only at major oncology centers.

But with bone marrow it is alike 10/80% that we will get a matched bone marrow. But if our children have store their cord blood during birth time. They can use it perfectly 100% for them self. Because baby cord blood able to adopt to new environment easily in inside any strange place. Compare with Bone marrow which sometime it will get reject after a few month transplant.

In Malaysia , this have not gone in popular 1st is because cost is higher around 4-5 k in year 2000. As of now the price is going deep down. we can see a few player in the private sector is trying their best to tackle any pregnant lady at any hospital/specialist.

CellSafe Internatioanl

I am doing comparison between them right now but after going through article i found out there is still some grey area in front..:(

Should we protect our children future by now or wait...i believe every parent will opt for the first (if $$ is ok for them)...:)

Next continous will come soon because 3 of them offer me a 'discount' during this month only. I know it just business talk...hahahhah

See ya
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