Apr 22, 2008

Income Tax relief for 2007

Again the time is come for those who earn more then 25k ringgit report their earning .

I really piss of this year, after receiving alot of info abt money which tax player(WE) paid is use for other purpose.

1) Political people who take the money n spent in no-way.
2) Our tax income is paid to those who 'run away' from their country and settle in malaysia.
Come to think of that they don't need to paid for income tax but they use road, water, everything which malaysia goverment build and only relief some of their money into malaysia as deposit. again malaysia bank is paiding for their interest ???

When i filing my income tax , every year my employer is paiding less for my tax..I wonder why will it be ?? If I being already paid why i still need to account in and squeess all my expense in order for me to get tax -relief...

i include my normal expense such as insurance , book+ magazine , bodycheckout. and other related stuff..but i still need to paid back to Inland Revenue Dept.

What the *^&*%^%&% went wrong on malaysia policy ????? We already tax on what we earn as income . Malaysia goverment still need us to squeess our pocket money to contribute to those BIG MONEY sucker.

When i check carefully on those income which we can get exempted is
1. Parent Sick bill , Do we hope that our parent get sick and we can paid for them ?&%&^%&.
2. Own medical bill . Should i make myself sick inorder to get rebate ??
3. PC rebate only 3 year once. ..What the hell should i buy computer every 3 year whereever our salary is not even in par for inflations ?

We should not be treat like this ?? For example people earn n drive big merx like MR Jac with big house should paid for more then us right ?

I strongly not agree why people who already a employee still need to paid for their tax even already get deducted ??

HOW MUCH MONEY U(MALAYSIA GOVERNMENT) WANT from US(Poor employee). DID u want us to get more trouble in our life so that we can get back some rebate ??

Food, Petrol price all gone out . Anyone in Malaysia know what is the problem but only those who enjoy alot using other people money stay ignorences.

It make people to runway from the country. Even go other corner of the world to become 2nd class citizen but still feel happy...:(

A Total Sad Raymond.
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