Mar 3, 2013

My new iphone casing (Spgen SlimArmor and Bone (Jame bone)..:)

I order my casing SlimArmor far before even I decide to buy my Iphone 5 (maybe I already decided on my mind before it launch in malaysia)

There was a lot of obstacle for me to get this case , lucky I have got my self another ‘bone’ casing’ from MacShop at KLcc.


Bone casing was toward ‘protection’ and SlimArmor was more trend and stylist..

Below was the side by side picture I taken using my Nikon J1 , enjoy men.

I will use Bone casing for active/travel purpose as I will require to move around a lot , SlimArmor will be more office lifestyle..Smile

DSC_2966 DSC_2967DSC_2965 DSC_2968
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