Mar 1, 2014

Jan 2014–Grand Kampar Hotel and famour noddle near Kampar hotel of Tambun@ipoh

We plan out the trip 2 week ago before we depart from Klang and mother depart from KL after her facial business settle.

Once we reach Kampar town , immediate we went to find our favor soup noddle + fish cake (clean soup + simple fish cake )

if you  love laksa? I also order the asam laksa . The generous amount of fish and noodles are more than just worthy we could say. RM 3.00 for the decent asam laksa. , I also dry the beef noddle + the famour healthy drink which cause RM1.2 only..Smile 1 thumb up men…

We meet up at Grand Kampar Hotel for 1st day stay  , honestly I start to love that place because of the environment (slow pace , peaceful , nice food + family people)

2014-01-17 15.43.16









  I taken some picture of hotel root up swimming pool as when we reach there and plan to take a rest at the cozy pool.

Zoey and Paris both very excited on the swimming pool and well prepare as well.

2014-01-17 17.11.462014-01-17 17.11.18


Below are some of the picture taken on the area and top view of collegue township from the top.

these place are pletty well located with a lot of local delicious food ,western, fast food , food stall , coffee shop , dobi , even bicycle places for colleague student to ride in and out.

2014-01-17 17.12.052014-01-17 17.12.082014-01-17 17.12.022014-01-17 18.19.32

I will definitely come again to stay if I plan to visit ipoh again.  ..Smile

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