Dec 28, 2007

3 day left to leave 2007

After taking my snap breakfast, i rush to meet with my tai ko Ah Fei & Ah Fatt which are the owner of the car spare part accessory shop in KL. As 2molo i'm driving down to melacca for shu ling wedding with my wife so i need to make sure the car at least in tip-top conditions..

When i service the car i reliase that the previous mechanical wrong put in the next interval service to 10k instead of 5k. No wonder when i check on the oil level it short too much till the minimal bar. Lucky men.

After passing my summon to my tai ko to ask him to settle for me. I go back directly as i expected Tm staff will going to goto my house. After rushing and wild waiting for 2 hours i call back Tm and reliase they did;t even log a case for me . Yes my mistake because i did't ask for a reference no...&*^#$#)(BIH)_

So time to check for alternative ISP .Call to Maxis and found out that they still use 3g for broadband access but i told them that my area don't have a 3g coverage(Using an Nokia 6680 1st batch 3g mobile phone).

Check out another provide who claim to have 4g !!!!! wow.. Izzi..They offer wider coverage in KL, owow.i can even surf at my office for BT and LAn for working..hehehe BUT there is requirement for 12 month advance payment.

Foud a fun information abt this Izzi..the design is look very active,energy but the main purpose of Izzi is allow us to work anywhere. WORK anywhere ??? better don't let our boss saw it , he/she will ask us to work 24*7...crazy men

I troubleshoot the problem till the outside phone line and it really give a phone noise so it is not my internal cable problem. Yes.. YES YES YES.. i logde again a report this time with reference number let see what Tm will said now.
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