Dec 26, 2007

X'mas sessional 07

After finish off my work in office , i and my wife prepare to go to penang for our X'mas gathering in my inlaw sister house.

We leave home at 4am rushing to a LCCT bus stop and salesmen told me that the bus can't reach the airport ontime. (%&^%&^$^%^$#@$^*&) Actually i call up to their office on friday night and the operator confirm sure can reach LCCT(Low Cost Carrier Terminal).

At the end we find out that .Skybus one of the bus carrier to LCCT did have a earlier bus there , nvermind we paid for our reason and lucky my father is going together with us so i drive up to LCCT and he drive back to KL.

My first day arrive in penang after Chinese new year 07, it was a total different experience. Food, Environment, weather is totally different. Lousy food on all hawker center we being through in bayan baru(Town), Hot weather make us wanted to stay back at home .. lucky we manage to go for movie for National Treasure 2. It really a nice movie and me ,jess n issac we together enjoy it very much.

Later i will publish those picture i take...
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