Feb 15, 2008

Want more traffic ? try blogrush

I think the purpose of us writing a blog is to share out what we feel about , how to we actually get more traffic ? Registered to google and yahoo might be a good way to start to get more hint from search engine.

Last time when i come across Lewisc site and found out abt thhis blogrush.

With Blogrush , you sign up and add your blog. They will give you a widget(javascript) to add into your blog. And it will display 5 links which related to your blog. And the same time our post will display at other people blogrush which have the identical tag/favor.

How credit come in ? Credit will come in when they click blogrush from other people site to jump into our blog.

So far i already got some hits direct from this services , let see whether how much hint will it in coming months.

If you though of try it out , please use my referral link.
http://www.blogrush.com/r19445055 , You still get your credit but i will get additional credit each time your page is loaded. Not bad for both win situation right ?Let's rolll it out.

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