Feb 15, 2008

Weblogmatrix , a must site to visit for blogger

WeblogMatrix was created by the people of CosmoCode. It is part of a small but popular suite of comparison websites:

I just browse through Wiki abt what kind of editor to use for blog and i found out this site which is very good and now they need some voluttee

As what mention in their sites.
" This is the right place to compare the features of all those weblog tools you heard of. WeblogMatrix is here to help you decide which weblog is the best for your needs. You can compare, choose and discuss the various Weblogs and their features."

Currently they are in the midst of building up the ,
whoelse who feel interest can be volunteer to become a maintainer of your favor weblog record.

As for comparison , now they have
Wiki, Forumer ,Podcatcher,Weblog(Blogger) , i believe there are still alot of build up to be done . Let's spread the news so that it will include more record for future comparison

For whoever blogging in taiwan /Hk/China please feel free to drop by to make this a better platform for yourself too.

In 中文

weblogmatrix是由人民cosmocode 。这是一个小型工作群组的比较网站:


糊从weblogmatrix : "这是正确的地方要比较的特点,所有这些博客工具,你听说过。 weblogmatrix到这里来帮你决定哪个博客,是最适合您的需要,你可以比较,选择,讨论各种博客和其特点" 。


至于比较,现在他们有wiki中, forumer , podcatcher ,博客(博客) ,我相信还有很多的建设工作需要做。让我们散布消息,以便它包含更多的记录,为今后的比较。

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