Apr 10, 2014

Family lunch in Namoo Korean Dessert Cafe n Bistro on the park plus kid playground@#Publica

Today we decide to try out some food outlet in Publica as my mother was busy doing facial for her customer.

Because of my friend introduce me the spicy noddle of korea, hence I plan to order it and it really yummy. Jessi order her favor bibimpa and share it with children as they already taken some food before we depart from Klang.We also order their house cake (namoo cake) and it also taste good

as well..you can see Baby Paris is eating it with her hand..(eee…dirty)



Both children are so playful enough as there are a small park in front of the restaurant , both as parent need to take turn to watch them during the whole lunch period..Sad smile

as lunch , it is time for children to take activity…Smile Jessica suggest to bring them for a in door playground as both of them before that suffer some running nose + fever for past few week. it is time to run the energy..Smile

Zoey initially was playing with paris but later on she found her play gang and lucky we are in the small theme park so both me and jessica sit at the center area to monitor them.

Our comment on the them park are great but the price is pricy …Sad smile



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